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Debt and Credit Card Consolidation

  • Fast debt consolidation services – Reduce your repayments
  • Lower interest and simpler to manage – One single payment
  • Caring and confidential support – We do all the heavy lifting
  • Quick debt relief – Eliminate debt stress forever

Free yourself from money worries

For over 20 years, MyBudget has been Australia’s trusted financial budgeting service. We offer confidential and caring money management expertise that makes sure you have enough money to live your best life.

Your initial consultation is FREE with no obligation to join.

How can debt consolidation help?

Wave goodbye to credit card and debt stress with clear visibility and control over your money.

Lower repayments

Lower interest means more cash in your pocket and more money for living.

Simplify your debt

Consolidating your debts into a single loan can make your money easier to manage.

Debt-free faster

We do the heavy lifting that keeps you on track so you can be debt-free faster.

We offer a range of debt consolidation solutions

  • Get a debt strategy tailored just for you
  • Our experts do all the work that provides quick debt relief and keeps your plan on track, including talking with your creditors
  • Saving money is easier with the support of money experts and an automated money management system
  • Pay off your debt sooner with the support of caring money experts and an automated money management system
  • Experience more freedom and more options with FREE access to MyBudget loans, including applicants with bad credit

The majority of MyBudget clients pay off 90% of their unsecured debts in just over 3 years

Enjoy the benefits of debt consolidation with Australia’s leading personal budgeting specialist.

Life-improving loans

We’re dedicated to providing our clients with free access to ethical, life-improving loans.

Credit card balance transfer

WWe can help you budget for a zero-interest credit card balance transfer to lower your payments.

Repair bad credit

Worried that you won’t qualify for a loan? We help you repair bad credit with on-time payments.

Cash in your pocket

Our budgeting platform ensures your bills are paid on time and you have money in your pocket.

Consider the risks

We help you consider the risks of debt consolidation by exploring your alternatives.

We do all the work

Our money experts design a customised budget just for you and then keep your budget on track.

Our clients love us!

“We have been with my budget over 10 years, when we joined them we were in debt with 2 credit cards at its maximum and never able to afford a holiday. Within 12 months we were debt free.”


Free yourself from money worries